Dixie 311 first thoughts…

One real sadistic character must have put that loop together. It is far more challenging than the Grand Loop in many ways. It’s a good thing the terrain is so engaging – it really is a gorgeous route.

According to my GPS:

49 hours moving time
320 miles
47,000′ vert
Elapsed time 3 days 9 hours 55 minutes

Other random facts:

Starting calories: 9,000
Estimated calories of Harold’s place breakfast: 2,500 (bad idea!)
Dave Kirk sightings: 2
Mechanical issues: 0
Number of downed trees hurdled: > 1,000,000
Favorite segment: 5. In my eye it’s the jewel of the 311.
Method to draw out sleeping hotel owners: do laps in their parking lot with your lights on.

More creative details as soon as the hands and brain are willing…

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  1. I think I most of the trees must have been on section of the Spruce Trail that the Lite and the 311 shared. I eased my mind through that section by telling myself I was getting ready for ‘cross season….

    Impressive ride! And you are right. The terrain, even on the Lite is very engaging. I only used the iPod for a maybe 2 hours. I was content to listen to and watch the world around me as I pedaled along. Fantastic route.

    And that volcanic hole had me scratching my head as well. So out of place.

  2. You know, the outline of the course appropriately looks like the head of a Dr. Suess vulture. Way to conqure the beast Dave!

  3. Dave

    Thank you for putting together two awesome routes. The Dixie Lite was very fun and challenging. Congrats on your ride of the Dixie 311. As always you impress me with your speed over difficult terrain.

  4. Segment 5: I’ve been planning on going up that way to do Skyline later this Summer in August. I’ll have to revisit the 311 route to see how it fits in with what I was planning.

    Better late than never: I thought I would give a go at the Lite, then (realizing I was an overly-ambitious newb) reset my sights at at a 3 day/ 2 night packing trip up at Bryce, using parts of segs 3 and 4. Well, the long weekend before in Pinetop and Big Lake, AZ kicked my butt and I realized I just didn’t have it back in time. So, I rescheduled my treks and am heading up to do 4 days riding the Pauns/Red/Sevier segments (originally planned to backpack in Lamoille Canyon, NV this weekend).

    Camp at Coyote Hollow for 2, riding Thunder, Casto and Cassidy tomorrow. Then, roads to Hatch and do the Lite course back to Coyote on Saturday.

    Start the BP trip on Sunday, starting at Thunder lower TH, up Red Valley and along Toms Best Spring Rd to Cottonwood Creek/Canyon, finishing with the ~10mile climb to the top around Adams Head. Then, the day I hope I’ll be remembering for a long time(in a wonderful way): Doing that ~25mile downhill reversal of segment 4 from Adams Head back to the Thunder TH.

    Hopefully the Summer goes well and I’ll be ready to give a go at an ITT of the Lite course before the Fall snow starts falling. Just let me get to where I’m confident I can do a late Friday start and finish on Sunday!

    Definitely some nice coursework you’ve done. Only hope some of the things I’m working on come out as good.

    On that note, think about this: I remember a post you put up about tinkering with the Trans Utah course and going NW of St George. What trail data and thoughts do you have on routing between St George/ Pine Valley and the Enterprise-Pine Park areas, perhaps even stretching out to the Three Peaks area West of Cedar City (between the Pine Valley and Enterprise sections)?

    Even though it may not be the best 1st bikepacking trek for most, I enjoyed my Enterprise adventure and know there is at least a great 120-150 mile course to do in that coverage area. Even better mileage if you include the Three.

    Gotta say I’m glad I’m living out here and have the local resources like you, Scott and Chad. The work and play each of you has done has definitely given me the inspiration to run like Forrest with this new (to me) bikepacking thing!

  5. Jeffrey – sounds like you’re drinking it all in in big gulps, awesome. We have so much fantastic terrain around here!

    On the TU re-route NW of StG – it’s possible. There is some really cool stuff over there. Here’s a map of an explory I did in the region: http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html?map=lost_peak-whiterocks.kml&index=12

    It takes in the NW part of the South Boundary (was that your pic I saw I BP.net there?), Pilot Peak trail, and the steepest hike a bike on the planet on the way over to Big Mountain (it was better measured in degrees, I think it was more than 100% IIRC). Some pretty hard terrain in there. On the E side of 18 to Three Peaks it would all be road. The other part of that file on Whiterocks trail (all hike a bike) and Paradise (no bikes allowed says the sign at the bottom end of the trail!!!) is a no go…perhaps we can share some gps files and see what we have between us? I really like that region, it’s engaging on several levels.

    Steve – thanks for coming out and ripping the lite route! The time pressure must have been a good thing cause you set a fast time for it. You were 1st in BTW, Taylor ended up on some solo explorations.

    DaveK – great to see you out there as always. Not so sure about conquering it…survived is more like it!

    Kurt – come on out! You could do this route most anytime between mid-June and the first snowfall, say mid-Oct perhaps? Later in the season would be different, less light, less water, and probably less deadfall too.

  6. There are no bad ideas when it comes to eating at Harold’s Place!

    Strong work out there — sad I wasn’t able to join you.

    It is funny how linking up stuff you ‘know’ can add so much unknown to the picture. Congrats on putting it all together, both before and out there.

    I am a little scared to try racing this thing…

  7. Thanks for the great Burger pics. Makes me want to ride with you guys next year – lol. Congrats to all you hearty soles that took up the challenge. Very cool.

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