Dixie-311 Segment 4 West Hunt Creek Trail

Dixie-311 Segment 4 West Hunt Creek Trail

Is a lot cleaner than it was on Friday. Click on the below pic to see DH get his action on and a panorama of West Hunt Creek Trail.

The trail goes this way.

Dave wasn’t dropping me today ;-)

AND I didn’t have to pick up and lift my bike over any deadfall on the trail. Hucking my bike over trees makes me tired. I think Dave should pack his chainsaw on all our exploratory rides from now on. I like it :-)

The Ergon BC3 pack gets it done. Beastly!

4 replies on “Dixie-311 Segment 4 West Hunt Creek Trail”

  1. Dave,

    We could have used you last week on the Around the Mountain Trail. Brutal is how I sum it up.

    Thanks for clearing a path for us….I am really looking forward to beating you on you home turf.

  2. If you clear it, they will ride it!

    Thanks for doing the trail work.

    Although I won’t be doing the race (thought I’d give a try to the Lite), I have come up with a nice little 110 mile course to do Fri – Sun. Start at Red Canyon, down to Hatch, Lite course to Thunder Mtn TH, bike path up the canyon and around the East side of the Sevier, up the forest road and finish with about 25 miles of mostly downhill thru your handiwork back to the Thunder Mtn trailhead! A lot of trail there I’ve just never done.

    Figure I’ll see a rider or two coming up the trails on Sunday?

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