Don’t lose your head

Like this fella.

Tis the season when you better put your brightest jacket on if you want to survive that sweet fall singletrack…I find it quite bizarre that so many folks with a southern drawl migrate to this region in the fall to hunt and kill our animals.  It’s not that I’m an elk hugger…it’s just plain weird, not to mention dangerous for the locals.

Great ride today, straight up the Colorado trail and hit it pretty hard.  Gotta get things opened up for something this weekend.  Still don’t know if I’ll be in CO, CA, or somewhere in between this weekend which makes it tough to plan…but with a CTL of 125 and TSB of 35-40 I’m getting a little stir crazy.  Moab didn’t even come close to trimming that peak I had built…so this weekend’s possibilities include a 24 hour in CA (Chamberlain ranch), the 50/50 race in GJ (but it sure is hard to tell what is up with that event), or maybe just a blast around the White Rim.  The latter sounds most appealing for many reasons…

There are so many trails around here I occasionally find new ones (new to me, that is).  Mitch showed me a piece of trail right out my front door Sunday – duh!  Awesome trail, super techy and slow, great for skills and made for 29ers.  Sailing hawks for you locals.