Ergomo Install

That was easy! It slipped in and worked with no finagling around for hours. Not quite plug and play but no headaches involved. It comes with instructions written for a gal with my level of mechanical knowledge i.e. it actually told me which was the left and right side of the bike! It also comes with a few tools needed for the job to thread in the bb without ripping off the sensor cables. The only things I needed were a torque wrench and a 34mm socket. The socket required a trip to the hardware store. I had a torque wrench.

The Ergomo is inside the bottom bracket so step one was to take off my old cranks and bb and clean out the shell. Now I know what I’m doing that only took 5 minutes.

Next thread the Ergomo bb into the shell. On the left side are two sensor cables which must be oriented at 9pm with the bb tightened to 55 Nm. On my first try it was at 6pm. Add a few washers until it ends up at 9pm. I ended up with 3 washers which meant I had to put the bb in and out a few times to get it right.

Bolt on the cranks

Tape up the two sensor cables. One goes to the rear wheel to pick up speed and the other from the bb to the cpu. The speed sensor worked first time too. I thought I may have to do something tricky with it but no…

Enter wheel circumference, K-Factor and check the offset. Go ride.

Lookie here I have watts, heart rate, cadence, speed and time!

The whole system is really contained. There are not a lot of wires and pieces to get ripped off-road. I’m pretty psyched on this right now. Tomorrow I’ll take it off road. The forecast is windy with a high of 41F – brrr…