Ergomo Steps Up

My cell phone died a few days ago. I can’t even check my messages. So if you want to say hi or go for a ride call me at home or e mail always works. If you left me a message – I haven’t heard it…

After whining about the cheesy mount on the Ergomo the Ergomo boyz stepped up and sent me a new different design – complimentary too. No sneaky credit card on file swiping ala SRM.

This mount feels solid. I’ll take it out for a few hours on the trail tomorrow. Training is going well and today is another drill it day on the road. Yesterday my hall pass started too late to catch the group ride so I put down some healthy four minute intervals on my own with the help of some surround sound.

My mp3 has been hard to access in the usual cleavage storage spot with all these winter layers I’ve been wearing.

Wesley had his 7th birthday party on Friday. 12 wee boyz. Mania galaxy. Every photo from the party is out of focus as they were moving so fast.

Cleaning up their mess took me most of Saturday morning. My mistake – serving blue Gatorade. That stuff ranged far and high up the walls – impressively so. Being a mom is great most of the time but the repetitious and thankless mom chores are not so fun. Cleaning walls fits that bill.

One of my daily mom chores is turning this:

  Into this:

Thats one of the fun ones tho’ often revieving notice and thanks. Now I’m off to finish laundry, put away clothes, vacuum and feed the kinders again. My hall pass starts at 1pm today and my road bike is gonna get some more drilling done. Tomorrow is mtb love day.