Ergon at Camp Lynda (again :-)

Jeff Kerkove, LW Coaching athlete and Ergon’s go-to marketing guy, will be attending all 3 days of Camp Lynda.  For those that are also attending Jeff will allow those interested in demoing Ergon product during the 3 days of camp.  Nothing like taking the products straight out into the elements.

Ergon product available for demo is as follows…

GP1  (large or small)
GR2  (large or small)
GX1  (one size)
GX2  Magnesium (one size)

BD1  (Men’s L or S, Women’s L or S)
BD2  (Men’s L or S, Women’s L or S)
BC3  (Men’s S only)

In order to demo, you must present a valid credit card at the time of picking up product.  This info will be recorded in case you decide to steal the product ;) Upon return of the product at the Starbucks start/finish on Sunday, the credit card info will be returned to you.

Jeff will be on hand on Friday at the starting point from 9 AM until roughly 10 AM to install and get folks set up with product.

If you are interested in demoing any product during the 3 day camp, please e-mail Jeff at to express your interest or ask any questions.  Note, only product requested via e-mail will be brought to St. George.  Please try to request product no later than Tuesday, January 20th.