Ergon Grip Setup

And now we’ll take a break from the GLR obsession for a word from our sponsors…

Ergon is a German company putting some R&D into all things ergonomic for bicycles.  Grips, gloves, packs, saddles, suspension posts are just a few of the items in the works.  They have several styles of grips currently available and with their growing popularity, I figured I’d share some of what I’ve learned on how to set them up.

I first used the grips at TransRockies last year.  For sure, I carried a set of normal grips on the trip in the event I hated the Ergons…but that was not the case.  The Ergons wiped out some forearm numbness issues I’d been having since the 24 hours of Steamboat.  This year I learned the setup is not bulletproof.  For one, the instructions are written in english by non-native english speaking folks, so seem pretty cryptic to me.  This led to trial and error – and at 24 hours in the Old Pueblo this year I had them set up wrong and had numb hands for quite some time.

This is a snippet of an email I sent to a fellow enduro nut interested in the grips.  The first sentence is about how not to put them on upside down (hi Nat).  The rest is all about the angle.

Edit:  Google’s picassa changed the links so the pics aren’t coming up right… 


Just look at one of the million pics of ergons on Jeff’s site and you’ll see how to put them on – it’s obvious. What is less obvious is getting the angle just right. It really depends on your riding style – do you keep your arms locked at the elbow or bent at the elbow with forearms close to parallel to the ground? Something in between? Based on the answer here, the grips may be pointed upwards or flat. See if you can spot a pic of Adam’s ( setup vs. my setup and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here’s a pic of Adam’s setup. Not very good…but look where the grip is. He rides with locked arms.

Here’s a pic of my setup. I ride with bent arms. Again, not a great grip pic, but note the angle between the grip and barend is about 180 where on adams it’s more like 100*.