Fall and 55ers

Fall in the desert is really a second spring time. New flowers bloom. Weather is perfect for being outside. A time to play new games. To do a few things differently.

Kidz started Hot Shots tennis. I don’t think Emma hit a ball once and left telling me she was a tennis champion. She is so spunky :-) LOL!

She is teaching herself to fly too.


I didn’t have time in Moab to play with the Siren 55er. Brendan sent me home with it :-) and I’ve been doing a bit of playing since then. The 29″ wheel up front and 26″ out back is a different ride from my full 29er or full 26er. I’m taking a while to get used to it. I love the way it climbs when I am seated due to the short chain-stays and I love the way the 29″ wheel rolls on and off ledges. On the fast whoops coming down Stucki I was landing a bit too nose heavy. The big wheel up front and 26 in back gives the bike a different balance than I am adapted to – takes a little mid air adjustment. There is a learning curve to most everything. Don’t worry Brendan I haven’t crashed it!