0 Start at Red Canyon bikepath at Red canyon CG entrance, go west.  Red canyon bikepath is untimed, all together, no drop riding. 
1.2 Thunder Mtn TH:  go south on singletrack on thunder mtn/grandview trail.  Start your timer.  
2.7 Thunder mtn/Grandview split.  Go S on Grandview trail.
This section of the Grandview is rideable for a few miles, then gradually gets more and more diffucult.  Expect lots of hike a bike in the next 8 miles, 2-3 hours minimum
11 Hard left down wash crossing (still Grandview). 
11.2 Piped spring, had water in June. 
12.44 Turn left (uphill, S) on dirt road.  Proctor canyon, still Grandview.
16.5 Go right (S) at intersection continuing on Grandview trail
Watch signs carefully in this section of the Grandview.  Some of it is shared with the Paunsaugunt ATV trail, some of it is motorless and a bit rougher.  If in doubt, take the hard way. 
33 Robinson Guzzler.  Manmade water catchment.  It had water summer '08, no guarantees!  Look way downhill in trees under boards for access to H2O. Potential water source.  You'll have to look for it and it could be dry anyway.
The next 22 miles are generally slow going but mostly rideable.  It's remote and will make you wonder where the hell you are.  The second "water canyon" has been more reliable than the first IME.  Plan on 5 hours for this section.
51.7 Go left, leaving the Grandview trail, heading N towards Crawford pass
52.5 Begin Crawford pass trail, heading N
54.7 Crawford pass.  Begin Paunsaugunt ATV trail, go N
72.2 End Paunsaugunt trail.  Go W up Badger Creek access road
72.7 Bear right/N
72.8 Turn right/N on to Chimney Rock trail
74.3 Arrive King Creek campground.  Look for water spigot to your left.  Head right/E/downhill through CG.
74.6 Turn left/N on main road on W side of Tropic res.
75.2 Turn left/N on Fremont ATV trail.  Heads up for motos!
85.5 Turn left/SW on maintained gravel road 
86.8 Begin Thunder Mountain trail.  Begin intense pleasure.
92.9 Bear right/downhill/N at the Grandview/Thunder Mtn intersection
94.4 Thunder Mtn trailhead in Red Canyon.  End timed section.  Turn right/E on bikepath to return to the campground.