Final Dixie routes updated

It’s tough work playing route architect. The previous weekend was snowy in the Tushars, so I had no choice but to go bikepacking for the last 3 days. Tough but it had to be done.

Let’s start with the punchline: Both the Dixie 311 and Dixie Lite have seen extensive changes because of lingering snow above 10,500′.  Sydney Peaks and Dark Hollow will not be melted out by race day, and even if they were they would still be full of blowdown.  So they get the ax.  With those 2 trails gone from the route, it didn’t make any sense to start in Parowan anymore – the reward for the 4k’ jeep road climb was the techy fun of Dark Hollow.  Instead, we will start at the Western terminus of the Virgin River Rim trail at Woods Ranch, a few miles East of Cedar City on UT 14.  GPS files are linked from the above event web pages.

For the 311, the heavy snows remaining in the Tushars means we won’t be doing Skyline trail either.  I did find several great trails though!  And, a triple bonus up there is that the higher regions are still closed to motor vehicles.  I didn’t see a single ATV in 3 days of riding but elk and deer were everywhere.  More than a few exciting stream crossings should be expected as well.

Another change on the 311:  the Spruce trail north of Horse Valley Peak has what is probably the nastiest hike a bike I have ever done.  We will be skipping that section of (non) trail!

Go grab those GPX files, have a look, and fire away with any questions.  I’m still working on the waypoints/cues and will update here when they are ready.

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  1. what an incredible amount of work this has been for you Dave. Nice job, I hope the re route doesn’t screw up your Circleville restock. I’m going to do as much of the 311 as I can starting on Fri. I have until tues morning to round up the ponies. Hope to see you on the trail.

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