Does everything have a silver lining? I think so. I like to think so. I need to think so. One of the great things about being knocked down so hard is relishing the simplicities I missed when I was riding the crest of the wave. Here on the comeback road there are a lot of firsts.

Some big – first day off pain meds 

Some small – driving and drinking coffee at the same time 

Some unnoticed – ?

Some grabbing huge attention – the day I rebuilt enough energy to make it up to my teeter totter rock

While I was wallowing indoors in my misery on narcotics the world kept on rolling along. Spring happened in the desert. Usually I am part of that, I move with it, ride in it, take it in in small daily doses. This year it hit me in one big hello dose.

First ride outside.

Every day is full of firsts. Today was my first road ride with a group. A very select group for sure and a good time for sure too. First time doing a push-up. First time I woke up sleeping on my favorite right side.

This weekend I have my first binge planned :-) Headed off to the Moab area for that one with immense anticipation. I can almost taste it.