From dreams to reality

Newsflash:  the 24 hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championships is set for September 1-2 at Laguna Seca.  This is a key piece of the season’s puzzle I’ve been waiting for.  This event is becoming more and more interesting as it seems most riders accept the event as the defacto worlds (no event is UCI sanctioned as 24 hour “worlds”).  Rider acceptance is everything, and if ya really want to test your mettle…this is it.  So it’s a go!

I was considering a run at the GG 24 hour series – but on top of 7 and 24 WSC that’s just too much cake for one season.  Did I really admit that?

So ’07 is looking to be an epic dream season:

Feb – 24  hours in the Old Pueblo
May – KTR
July – 7
Sep – WSC
Oct – 24  hours of Moab

Those are just the biggies.  Plenty of fun stuff in between.  Notably absent are the E100 events.  Boris is gonna send the KGB my way for sure, but the 12 hour and 100 mile are out for sure and the 50 isn’t too likely.  There is one possibility for a team run at the 12 hour…we’ll see.

Now it’s time to get scheming.  Gotta figure out how to turn these dreams into reality.