Getting Single

My knees are almost back to 100%. Took about 4 weeks to clear up the tendinitis. Sounds normal. I am back riding and every ride I grab the single speed. Funny how the knee rehab plan has been on the single speed.

I’ve kept the gearing easy at 32X21. The SS is great as I get to crank out short sections but the 32×21 makes me coast a lot more than normal and ride easy as I am undergeared so much. I don’t think I have logged any huffin’ and puffin’ riding yet. The 29er wheels add in big fun factor too.

Mom is taking the front seat to Coach and Racer right now. Most of my athletes have peaked for the season and are on a coach forced hiatus from structured training. Sent off with the guidelines to ride plenty when they feel like it, explore new trails and training grounds for next season and not to get too fat! Late fall is the time to enjoy a seasons fitness and enjoy the trails. Just don’t enjoy too many pies ;-) I’ll put them to the grindstone again when it is time. One coaching idea brewing right now is a winter “Camp Lynda”. Wanna come down to St George this winter and ride your mountain bike for a few days until you can’t think straight?

Emma and Wesley entered the school art competition. The theme of the show is “I can make a difference by….” Emma has a creative side. Her project was ” by making people smile”. She likes to take photos and has a lot of pics of people looking down at her with an “aww cute little girl smile”. She pasted them into a collage. She put a photo of a butt top and center – Gary it’s your butt!! to make people (well kids) looking at her poster smile. It works. Kids crack up at the butt shot. Her teacher wasn’t real impressed with the butt but liked the rest of it ;-)

October is marathon season here in St George. Steve paced his friend Stacy this year instead of trying to run a PR himself. Stacy was ecstatic to run a seven minute PR. Steve finished energetic and giddy and said it was one of the most fun marathons he has done.

Here comes the ride perfect desert weather. My SS looks to have a bit more action imminent. I sense some more SS racing on my schedule next year too! It doesn’t quite feel like a fall only SS phase – has a tighter grip than that…