GLR Recon

All the goods are in:  racks, waterproof panniers, packs, hydration systems, lightweight bivy gear, GPS, maps.  Now, how does all this stuff a) fit on a bike, and b) work?

Time to find out!

The middle section of the Grand Loop Race is the Paradox trail.  Getting maps for this has been more than challenging.  An email request to COPMOBA was returned 3 weeks later with a suggestion of joining the organization and requesting the map pack – with another 2-3 week turnaround time.  I don’t mind supporting MTB trail advocacy groups (and joined up), but the delays…are like getting a passport.

Fortunately, I’m resourceful and google ferrets out the goods.  Using this map as a guide and the BLM section descriptions, I’ve mapped out a GPS route in NG Topo!

Here’s my version:

Hmmm…I think I see discrepancies already…

This weekend is Paradox recon weekend.  Hard to tell where the mudline will be…if I’m lucky and can get to the 8000′ mark I’ll be able to check out the Glencoe bench area – one of the routefinding toughies of the Paradox.  The Paradox goes through some awesome river canyons at the lower elevations, should be the perfect time of the season for those.   It’ll be much nicer now than in June!

Oh, and an added bonus:  the camera lives.  Pics to follow.

Anyone wanna join in the fun?