Helmets Save Lives

Mine did it’s job yesterday afternoon when I slid out on a jeep road corner. Silly crash – they all are tho’ I suppose.

Knocked me out cold. I was super woozy, nauseous and had a killer headache after.

Dave talked me into a trip to the ER where I had 4 stitches in my elbow and a CAT scan. Whaddya know they said my brain looked normal! Ha!

I’m fine┬ábut grumpy I am sitting here feeling sore instead of out riding my bike. We were having a mega exploration adventure in the Tusher mountains – those are some fantastic mountains with some sweet hidden single track. Dave carried the camera so look for a photo blog shortly…

14 replies on “Helmets Save Lives”

  1. Glad you are OK. Helmets are a good thing. We recently helped a young woman with a similar injury, but bad facial boo boos too. Bad things happen quickly.

  2. I’ll second the title for this entry! If you feel weird the next few days, don’t write it off, go back and see the doc!!

    Or we’ll make you…

  3. The bike is fine. I didn’t even tear any of my clothes. Just gave my melon a big old whack and lost a little skin on my left side.

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