I feel a binge coming on…

The past 2 weeks has had me bleeding out of my eyeballs, but it’s in the books, mission accomplished, and for that I get a 20+ watt power boost.

Now that base is done, it’s time to get on with the regularly scheduled program.  With OP fast approaching, that can only mean 3-4 White Rims in the next 2-3 weeks.  Yes, there are other places to ride, but none as delicious & accessible this time of year.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t live up to it’s name in the next two weeks ;)

Installment #1 is today with the future of endurance racing, a fixated fellow, and this gent I’m looking forward to meet.  He’s promoting this event in June which looks most interesting.

Yep, it’s 3am and I’m still in Durango.  Gotta run!