I have a Fever

Finally Trans Rockies fever has kicked in. Last time we raced it in 2006 I was in a fever pitch about the race for oh, about 12 months. This time I have been bleh. So bleh about it, it kinda has shocked me a bit. But the bleh has been replaced with fervor as they finally published a few course details.

Like a map

and like a few numbers

Have I mentioned we are taking single speeds…

Time for a team strategy meeting.

[4:50:31 PM] Dave Harris says: day 1 is something silly like 8k’ vert in 34 miles
[4:52:05 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: feet right?
[4:52:12 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that’s silly
[4:52:30 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that might be really really fantastic for us if we get the gear right
[4:52:44 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: or not…
[4:52:56 PM] Dave Harris says: day 3 looks like a rest day
[4:53:00 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 is really big
[4:53:08 PM] Dave Harris says: yes feet
[4:57:29 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: the course is kinda intimidating – I like that!
[4:57:42 PM] Dave Harris says: ain’t no BCBR, that’s for sure
[5:00:37 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 looks purty insane.  I wonder if they got some numbers wrong
[5:00:59 PM] Dave Harris says: 12.5k vert, 46 miles
[5:01:08 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that’s awesome
[5:01:16 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I’m psyched about that
[5:01:18 PM] Dave Harris says: that’s VQ climbing in 10 miles less!!!!!!
[5:01:34 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I’d rather hike-a-bike than be spun out for 45k on a rail trail any day
[5:01:46 PM] Dave Harris says: amen to that
[5:01:52 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: maybe we will be rocking that 23 after all!
[5:01:52 PM] Dave Harris says: rail trail would kill us
[5:02:13 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: rail trail – grumpy gubbers
[5:02:21 PM] Dave Harris says: gubbers?
[5:02:23 PM] Dave Harris says: funny6 sounding word
[5:02:28 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: goobers
[5:02:36 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: guoobers
[5:02:42 PM] Dave Harris says: boogers?
[5:02:55 PM] Dave Harris says: I’m getting excited
[5:03:12 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: fever pitch is starting eh?
[5:03:21 PM] Dave Harris says: my hands started peeling
[5:03:26 PM] Dave Harris says: so I know I’m peaking now ;)
[5:03:27 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I packed my chammys and 7 jerseys
[5:04:06 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: you packed anything yet?
[5:04:23 PM] Dave Harris says: gawd no
[5:04:38 PM] Dave Harris says: I ride, work, sleep during the week
[6:06:14 PM] Dave Harris says: if you can believe what the TR folks publish about their route…
[6:06:21 PM] Dave Harris says: Here’s how last year stacks up to this year
[6:06:35 PM] Dave Harris says: in ’07 there was about 32.5k’ vert
[6:06:47 PM] Dave Harris says: this year, about 57k’
[6:09:31 PM] Dave Harris says: 37.9k’ in ’06 for reference
[6:10:04 PM] Dave Harris says: if those #s they posted for this year are correct, we are in for one doosy of a week
[6:11:55 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that is big and bad
[6:15:02 PM] Dave Harris says: it’s about the same as CTR but over a lot less distance
[6:15:06 PM] Dave Harris says: I think their numbers are bogus
[6:15:43 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: Taking yer Garmin? Only one way to know for sure
[6:16:08 PM] Dave Harris says: yep
[6:26:09 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: why do you think their numbers are bogus?
[6:26:47 PM] Dave Harris says: the amount of climbing for the distance, it is unreal
[6:27:04 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 is much steeper than VQ on average if the #s are right
[6:30:31 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: LOL VQ is now the benchmark eh?
[6:31:52 PM] Dave Harris says: yea, it’s memorable ;)
[6:32:06 PM] Dave Harris says: we had a nearly identical day #s-wise in the Tushars
[6:32:12 PM] Dave Harris says: 12k vert in 50 miles…
[6:34:22 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I saw a course description on the TR site and now I can’t find it – do you have the link?
their site navigation is crappy
[6:34:48 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: http://transrockies.com/trc/about/route.htm
[6:34:52 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: just found it
[6:34:59 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: took me about 10 minutes
[6:35:06 PM] Dave Harris says: ugh

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  1. do you have to drag a bike along everyday? if those numbers are right i’m pretty sure the first two days would be faster on foot… at least for a slow biker like me. then again you two can ride faster up a cliff than i can downhill so i guess you’ll probably manage.

  2. have fun! good luck. be safe. ride smart. don’t forget your passport. don’t forget your sleeping bags.

    those are the things i posted earlier today on morgan’s blog as he was leaving to head up there. (i left of the i love you sweetie part, since you both might be sweet but, well, you know).

    can’t wait to hear how everyone does!

    ~ lauren (morgan’s wife)

  3. Yeeehaw! This post is greatness.

    Have a great trip you two and best of luck. I would bet that as soon as you two arrive in CAN the fever will kiick up another notch.

  4. Transrockies is not as technical as BCBike race.

    BCBike race was hair raising the last 3 days. Tres fun! Loved it.

    Transrockies day 1 is fun. Day 2,3,4,5,6 is epic
    Day 7 is alright fun.

  5. Yeah those numbers look pretty bogus to me. Otherwise they are going to have some pretty unhappy racers, though likely not you guys!

    Good luck. Kill it!

  6. GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!

    have fun! ride smart! take chance! keep the rubber side down and limbs in the proper places!

    holy climbing crayola, kick some bootay!!



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