In Training, Spring Racing

Being sidelined I’m able to channel my race fervor into Wesley. I’m surreptitiously training him for the next InterMountain Cup event The Cholla Challenge on April 7th. He doesn’t know it yet.

I’ve been getting back out on the trails. Unfortunately not with my bike yet but on my feet. Wesley comes along on his bike and rides around like a sheep dog. He is really fun to take out as he shouts out things like “mommy I love this trail” and “mommy this is the best time ever”.

His buddy JL came out today styling a 40 lb single-speed with some huge gear – no problem! JL has energy and a kick-stand. Wesley wants a kick-stand now…

After about 45 minutes the boyz decided they were tired. I mistook this as being tired but actually it must have been tired of riding as they dashed off and ran 10 laps around a crazy little circuit until they were both flushed and sweaty – is that like training for an adventure race??

JL ensured his invite on future excursions by sharing his cheese crackers on the way home.

This weekend lots and lots of bikey things are going on. The 8-Day Mountain Bike Stage Race in South Africa, Cape Epic, wraps up. I have 2 athletes out there putting down fantastic races. Both should finish strong tomorrow. The first NMBS race of the season kicks off in Phoenix, Boggs 8 hour solo rolls in California and the epic Ouachita Challenge is on in Arkansas – my athletes will be toeing the start line at all these events. Closer to home Dave, Chris and Dave are spending the weekend on the Paradox Trail and mee-oh-my, would I love to be joining them.

Me: I’m still the walking wounded. I’ll be riding the trainer a wee bit, hiking up in Zion on Saturday with the kids and then more hiking with Wesley pedaling alongside on Sunday. It rained yesterday so I have to go over to see the BearClaw poppies. They must be out now.

Winston Churchill   “You create your own Universe as you go along.”