Just one more

Just like last year this time, every local ride becomes a potential Camp Lynda route.  The options around here are unlimited.  There could be 25 years of camps with different routes each year.  For example, here’s a few of my tracks in the new TopoFusion color aerial mode:

There’s a hole in the map above that has been calling.  I’ve been oh so curious about it but hadn’t made it out there yet.  Yesterday was the time to probe.  Wow.  About a mile from the  house we were on new (to us) trails and it only got better.  Super fun tech singletrack, exposed rim singletrack, river crossings, petroglyphs, steep climbs (like 40% grade steep), views, crazy flow, slot canyon singletrack (no kidding – new term I think!) – and much of it undiscovered by MTBers.  You can thank the motorized crowd for these gems :) 

It’s a quick bailout from the top.  After several hours of riding, 56 min and 2k’ descending brought us to the much anticipated fridge. 

 It really was a day of saying wow and eating ETE grins.  We didn’t quite hit the intended high point of the ride so looks like we’ll have to go back.  Awe shucks.

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