Kaibab Monstercross 200

I received a complaint about my last blog being off target so I am blogging on top of it to make amends.

I said next event up here for me is Kaibab Monstercross 200  and that is not entirely accurate. I should have said next event up for *us* is Kaibab Monstercross 200 . Us being 2-Epic, Dave and I. We are doing KMC200 as a team.

I’ll likely be seeing this a lot of the time.

From the KMC200 rulebook:

5) On “teams”.  If two or more riders wish to start and finish as a self-contained unit, especially if an asymmetric share of certain burdens is pre-planned, do so intentionally.  Similarly, if riding together for the last miles eases the existential pain, feel free to indulge.  Finishing ranks will be listed as ties.  No hangers on is all I’m sayin’.

So the 2-Epic team goal is to increase the existential pleasure in the day by riding together.

Aint he cute? Riding with Dave always increases the pleasure factor in my day.

and an asymmetric share of certain burdens is certainly being preplanned

There are some good places to stay the night along route. To bivy or not to bivy? That is the question. Will it increase existential pleasure to bivy or to get it done in a oner?

Some viewpoints are manatory stops.

All photos above are from the KMC200 course.

4 replies on “Kaibab Monstercross 200”

  1. heheheeh —- that ain’t a bad view to be looking at the whole way ;-) oh — and the larger views ain’t bad, either!

    i bet money, tho, that he’s going to be viewing at YOU ;-)

    have a FANTASTIC time rolling in bliss, my dear! cannot wait to hear about ALL of it!

    GIDDEY-UP!!! Yah!


  2. do you two ever do anything UNDER 100 miles. Seriously. You throw off the who balance of the XXC world. Makes damn good reading though. Good luck.

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