Kidz in Training

Emma’s cycling development is coming along. Her cadence averages 140 rpm with her 60mm cranks and she has been rocking the single speed from day 1.

We’ve been working on drafting lately. She loves the new found speed. Lots of whoops and yeehaws.

She learned to do the Hula Hoop too. Core strength and flexibility training all rolled into one. Adult males evidently cannot Hula Hoop. Wesley proved it was a skill lost with old age by doing the hula perfectly.

OK cheating a little. We got her a trailerbike and it is a lot of fun. Ems and I can keep up with Wesley now on family rides.

How I just love that little girl. She makes me smile every day in my heart with her combo of cute, smart and spunk.

3 replies on “Kidz in Training”

  1. I’ve been reading for a good little while without commenting. But these pics require a comment. She’s adorable. Way toget her involved and active early!

  2. Adult males can hoop up a storm. They just need a larger adult size hoop. It’s a great workout for building core strength and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. See for videos news and more.

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