Laying down tracks

This weekend Dave and I took our first trip of the year up to the high country to lay down some GPS tracks on parts of the Dixie 311 and Dixie-Lite courses that needed scouted. We split up and each rode different parts cause there is quite a lot of it that needs checked out!

We started on Saturday at Red Lake Reservoir above Paragoonah. I’ve never been up there and was amazed at how beautiful it was.

Dave headed north towards the Tushar mountains and I headed south to check out Spruce Trail

Spruce Trail started a bit too steep to ride then turned awesome

At 8k the Aspens are still dormant but the ground is an emerald green carpet with little yellow flowers.

Everything is a bit soggy with snow melt and the creeks are pumping

I was turned back this time at 8.5k by snow.

Somebody got a shiny new bike

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