Little Creek

I’m trying to reduce my CTL to 92. The weather here has been nuthin’ but ride perfect since I got back from the river and it aint happening. When the sky is blue and I’m not riding I get so claustrophobic. Today was awesome. Perfect weather, great company and fantastic riding.

Destination: Little Creek Mesa.

Ride: 29er single speed

Company: Doug and Joel

At the trailhead we met trail meister Morgan Harris who designed and built much of Gooseberry and Little Creek mtb trails along with his brother Mike. I love his license plate – a 61st birthday prez from his wife – she must be a special lady.

Race season is over but there is always something to get competitive over. I won the pony tail competition.

The views up on Little Creek are gob smacking.

The slickrock is beautiful and trail is so, so fun. It makes me shout out whee and laugh. Doug and Joel where whooping it up all over the place too. Staying on the trail is tough as there is so much fun slickrock calling to be ridden in every direction.

It got giddy. This slide just screamed out to be slid.

Kidz carved up the pumpkins today. They are practicing being scary. Emma is a quick study.