Dixie waypoint descriptions

Mileages are estimates only.
Waypoint Name Mile  Description
Start/Finish 0 Lower Thunder Mtn trailhead in Red Canyon.  Campground about a mile up the road has showers (need quarters), fills early. Ride start time is 8AM Sat June 25.  Parking and bathrooms (no water) at trailhead, water at campground and visitor center up the canyon.  Neutral roll out on paved bikepath until we reach the Cassidy Trail.
Cassidy Trail 1.66 Fun hoodoo singletrack
Left down Losee canyon 6.50 Fun hoodoo singletrack
Casto Canyon trail 10.80 More fun in the red rock zone.
Water in this area 21.50 Several creek/irrigation crossings in the next 8 miles
Tom Best Spring 26.70 Great water just past the creek crossing slightly off-route.
FR 219 29.20  
Right/south on faint 2-track 34.30 Part of the Great Western Trail.  Look for tire tracks, there should be 2 sets if you are leading ;)  Singletrack in spots.
Powell Pt 39.00 Optional out and back.  10 hour time bonus.  It's about a 4 hour trip in normal conditions.  Snow models show it as clear, but be ready for a little snow and wet conditions up top.  Best view in southern Utah at the top. 
Powell Point 48.90 Nice camping up here!
South at ATV staging area 58.90 Look for short trail to campground on other side of fence.  Water spigots in campground.
Footbridge to  lake 59.30 Short singletrack section along lake
Henderson Canyon Trail 62.60 Super fun descent to Tropic
Tropic 76.00 General store, gas stations, hotels.  Limited hours.  Leaving Tropic, take pavement to Cannonville then gravel/dirt via Skutumpah road in Grand Staircase national monument.   Once you hit the grandview trail expect average speeds to be less than 4mph until the drop to Tropic Res.  
Stock Tank 99.30 May or may not have water - have not been here since '09.  In '09 it was good clean piped water.
GrandView Trail 101.40 Often difficult, always beautiful.  Slow going from here to King Creek Campground, plan water carefully.
Ascend Crawford Pass 106.80 Leave the Grandview temporarily, ascend GWT/ATV to Crawford pass
Crawford Pass Trail 109.30 Great singletrack winding beneath the Pink Cliffs of the southern terminus of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.
Water Canyon #2 118.60 Reliable water in this canyon.
Water Canyon 126.00 Good water source
Robinson Guzzler 130.90 Rainwater catchment.  Look well below the large tanks, water access is under boards in a small enclosure at ground level, way downhill.  Not  reliable if it's been dry.
Pole Canyon 137.50 Bailout or long resupply option here.
Chimney Rock trail 152.80 Hoodoo singletrack.
Water Spigot 154.20 In King Creek campground
Fremont ATV trail 155.00 Usually quiet but can have some fast motor traffic - heads up, mp3 on low…initially wide open turns to fast fun berms in the woods.
Thunder Mtn trail 166.60 A classic.
Finish 173.80