March Camp Lynda

Look who emerged… It must be spring!

Cat Morrison came to town for spring break and we are having an impromptu Camp Lynda. Cat is not afraid to ride big! She won Colorado Trail Race last year. I am hugely impressed with that accomplishment!

I followed her Spot every day during the race last year but this was the first time I have seen her in person since the race. Cat followed a custom 12 week LW Coaching training plan prior to Colorado Trail Race – so I like to think I had a tiny part in her awesome race.  I’ve been loving (of course) hearing how well it worked for her and I’ve been lapping up all her CTR stories too (yes she cried, no she did not see a bear, yes she had a white moment!!).

Today we had a bluebird sky and Zen on route.

I’ve learned these riders that do the big mad enduro events like Arizona Trail 300 and Colorado Trail Race have great tech skills. I sure do enjoy riding with folks who can ride forever and like hammering the rough stuff too. We strung together a pretty tech and chunky route today. By the end of it my hands were a little sore.

Look who else we saw today by the trail. We have had so much rain here this year I fully expect the flowers to be off the charts this spring. I plan to take photos of most of them and post them relentlessly here :-)

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  1. Cat is one tough racer. I saw her blast down a bit of the Colorado trail without blinking and eye when all I wanted to do was get off and walk the same line. I suspect she could easily knock ½ to 1 day off her CTR finish time now that she has been through the ‘learning’ furnace once.

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