March XC racing begins in Utah

Yesterday was the Intermountain Cup opener Red Rock Rampage in St George. We had record field sizes in both men and women. Our sport seems to be healthier than ever. Weather was perfect, I drilled it hard and fast for 1:25 (so short!!). Good enough to stand in my favorite spot on the podium :-)

It was super fine catching up with everybody in the race crowd and meeting a few new faces. The first race of the season is always a reunion of sorts. The weather was nice enough to bust out the pasty white legs – saw many of those in the race…

Today I hooked up with the Maddoggers to ride. It was raining on and off so we headed to Church Rocks for a Camp Lynda-eske experience. Puddles and people.

Gary Fisher 29er crew Chris and KC rode with us too (actually we all chased a sparkly KC)

…and the Utahmountain crew and the Cannondale crew and the Revolution crew were all out on Church rocks. Most folks were a little smoked from the race the day before (except KC I think!!) so we all stood around and chatted more than rode.

All smiles all day from Brad

and Dwight was smiles too despite being the only one out on a little wheeled bike

A fine day to play on slickrock

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