Merry Christmas

It hasn’t been so deserty here in the desert recently. We have had a ton of rain recently which has shut down most of my favorite trails. I wake up in the morning with a certain trail calling me but the dampness has me denied. The moisture turned a funny white color yesterday. What is this strange white stuff?

Yesterday the choice was road – paved or gravel. This is the top of West Canyon. Twas beautiful up there with a little sparkly white stuff. Even my guardian angel came out for the ride.

We mapped out an awesome route for day 3 of Camp Lynda. Two loops. The first about 65 miles, a pit-stop/bail-out at the cars then another 25 miles if you are manic. The plan was to ride it today but the wetness has shut that down. Hmmm – could be a problem in January too.

Day three teaser pics:

Thou shallest honor thy singletrackness.

Funky bridgeness. After crossing this bridge there is a nice little climb. I think I’ll bring gears on day three. They’ll help a lot on this little climb.

Big views on the way up the little climb to distract.

Merry Christmas to all. I’m off to Scotland tomorrow with the kiddies to celebrate mine.