Moab by way of Durango

September is quite possibly one of the finest months in SW Colorado – certainly one of my favorite times of the riding season.  The main season has come to a close, the monsoons have loosened their grip, and the mornings are cool and crisp.  Before sunrise, the stars are big and bright, twinkling with the day’s potential.

Since the racing season is more or less done, that gives plenty of time to focus on the next big event, the 24 hours of Moab.  Durango has got all the goods with which to assist the Moab prep.

Training partners:  who doesn’t race bikes in Durango?  Fergy is always up for some action in the passes.  Yesterday we got the Moab plan off the ground with a ride from Durango to Ouray.

We weren’t the only ones up there.  These folks were in the midst of a death ride, but with a bob trailer.  FYI, the death ride is the loop going through Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Ridgeway, Telluride, Dolores.  Check it on a map, 3D if ya got it – it’s appropiately named.

’twas a great day in mountains.  Clear and cool with just a hint of fall in spots.

Terrain you ask?  Ledges and sand make up the techy sections at Moab, and we’ve got plenty around here.  Then again, Moab is only 2.5 hours from here – daytrips are feasible.

Of course, everyone knows the best training for a course like Moab happens on the road.  We’ve got our share of those too in a wide range of elevations to choose from.  Decisions, decisions!

In lighting news, Luxeon has come out with a new LED, the K2, since I last put my projects together.  They put out as much as 50% more lumens for a similar power expenditure.  This can only mean better lights, so looks like it’s back to the drawing board.  The fall is a great time to play with light systems.  I’ll standardize the battery system so that I only need to change once in the night, and still keep system weight, including a battery, a smidge over a pound.

In bike news – a new one is on the way.  Look forward to some pics, and probably a surprise as well…new frames these days are disc only, which means no PT compatibility.  The new steed is going to get disgraced with a Polar power meter for the next month.  What can I say?  A geek must have his/her data :)

One thing is certain.  Moab is approaching.  Having raced it 7 times, I’ve got a lot to draw from experience-wise.  However, nothing is static – if it is, it’s dead.  So, there are just a few things to improve on from last years event.  Despite a few notable events in the last 2 months, training stress is quite low right now and I’m chomping to get started. 

Damn I love September.