Mom & Sons ride

Red Canyon did not disappoint, not even a little bitty. The trails were in fab condition and the weather ride perfect.

We did a mom and son ride. Mom1 was on her pink 29er SS and I was on my stealth black one. We thought we were purty cool moms!


Wesley rode so well. It was fun to ride with him. He was cleaning almost everything. While he was standing up cranking out one little steep loose pitch with skill I was giving encouragement from behind.

Me: “Go, go, go, pedal, pedal”

Wesley: “Mom can you stop that please”

LOL – not so cool mom after all!! Now how did I get a son who is more polite than I am? I sure wouldn’t have asked my mom to shut up with such tact at 7 yrs old (errr or 37 years old…). Mom 1 was asked to be quiet one time too…

Red and green views.

Winding through the hoodoos

My wee boy. Aaawwww.