Mommy, Wesley got broke

Emma was delighted to be the first to relay me the news. She enjoyed the trip to the ER a lot more than Wesley did, picking up a few snacks and flirting with the Dr’s.

Mega double-decker owie. This is Wesley’s arm. The Dr cranked on it and reset it as he let out a blood curdling scream – so I’m told…err, I was out riding my bike at the time.

:-| which is good it didn’t happen on my shift but I do feel a little guilty for being out having fun on my bike and not home watching my kiddies. He fell off the hammock onto the concrete patio. Well maybe he did. We haven’t gotten a straight story out of him. No eye witness reports. Wesley moves too fast to keep your eye on 100% of the time. He has been a shadow of his former self since. He is a hurting unit. I felt sorry for him as not only was he hurting but he did it the very first day of his summer vacation – bad timing. So I took him over to Best Buy and he chose a GameBoy. I thought that would keep him somewhat still and help his arm heal but it turns out a GameBoy is kind of tough to play with one hand. Oh well, Steve likes it…