More Sevier Plateau Exploring

You know it was a good weekend when you have more to blog about it on Thursday

After all the trail maintenance and chainsaw action on Saturday it was time to ride on Sunday. Dave mapped out a nice little 27 mile loop consisting of 2 unknown trails and 3 known and nicely rideable trails. It took us 8 hours to go 27 miles…

We started out along West Hunt Creek trail we had cleared the day before and confirmed it was super fun. Then we turned left up Sanford Creek.

Parts of it were beautiful

At the top we hit the most brilliant view point on the Sevier Plateau (probably!)

I love old signs. I don’t know what R.F.K is. Anybody know what that is? This sign points down Sandford Creek trail and says R.F.K Sandford.

Over the top and down the other side. The GPS said this was a 60% grade!

Descending down between the spires

Unfortunately DH did not bring his chainsaw today

We descended a long way down to the Fremont Trail. It was 90F and I overheated and boiled my brain and stopped taking photos. Next we got onto the Dixie 311 course at the Hancock Peak Trail. There was a creek and shade. DH filtered. I drank 50 oz and I immersed my entire head in the creek.

Up at the top the Hancock Peak Trail ends at 9,400 feet and I cooled off.

Next the Dixie 311 course just starts riding along a ridge line with no trail. It is easy riding but will be confusing in the dark.

The no trail section passes this water structure which will be a good waypoint.

Shortly the Dixie 311 course and our route for the rest of the day hit the Showalter Trail which was a mega fun fast gentle graded descent.

I like the Sevier Plateau. We didn’t see a single other person out there on the trails. No tire tracks either. Just one set of horse hoof prints.

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  1. Reminds me of new mexico… much land, so few people to use it…..and in trails in such disrepair. But for solitude you have to live with a few downed trees and remote, forgotten trails. Looks lovely…although you might wanna ditch the spandex back there – those tree branches look sharp! How many little cuts on the arms and legs today? ;-) LOL.

  2. Upper cottonwood trail, to showalter, to hancock and onto cassidey is a riot! (full day roit!) Done it twice with the help of your bushwacking and info

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