More Sunday Road Riding

I mapped out a route using Topofusion around Pakoon Basin in Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument a while back..

It has crazy features on the map like Negro Head I had to see with my own eyes. Here is what a Negro Head looks like in the middle of the desert.

Roads go forever and give you that way out-there feeling.

Perfect for non-stop on the gas tempo training for hours and hours. I have some 100 miler races coming up and right now is the big L3 volume push training block.

Desert style motor-pacing day

We have attempted this route twice before and not pulled it off for multiple reasons. Mostly it was too big. Sunday was the day to go big!

Of course we passed signs that taunted us to come back and go another way next time. What does Grand Gulch Canyon look like? It is on the list of places to go now. It is only 10 more miles out there.

Pakoon Springs were clear and tasty. Dave was excited for his first filter of the season.


Super fab loop. I was psyched to get it finished before the sun set.

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