My 24 Hours of Adrenaline experience

This may be taken as a rant.  It will almost certainly result in a ban from 24 hours of adrenaline events.  So be it, this story must escape…

Last December I registered for their 24 hour worlds solo event.  In recovery mode from the first injury, I was looking for a solid goal.  Perfect.

Fast forward to July and the BC bike race.  Day 7 shattered heelbone means no worlds for me.  Dangit.  LW and I decide to trade support/race roles for worlds and Moab.

Not having read the cancellation policy but reasonably certain Stuart would have no allowances for such misfortune, I shot him an email anyway.  My request was simple:  first, to postpone my registration a year, and if that was impossible to transfer all or part to LW.  That email garnered no response.  So then I gave up on that and simply asked for my pit (since I was already registered I should get a pit, no?) to be located next to LW and Bernice Pierson as they were sharing a mechanic.  We could use the extra space.

This time I got a response.  It was from Stuart (the race promoter), and to paraphrase I was denied on all counts.  The no refund policy was copied and pasted into the email; and no, I could not have my pit next to LW or Bernice cause that would give them an unfair advantage.

Right.  Well feck that.

So, it cost me $450 to learn this lesson (I leave it up to the reader to draw conclusions).  I’ve heard so many stories about this series it’s hard to keep track.  24 worlds was devoid of the passion and festival atmosphere of Moab – why was that? 

Anyway, had to let this out but didn’t do so before the event so as not to cast a cloud over any of the racers I was associated with…