My SS story

Well it seems now I have an SS training partner and he tends to like to take things to extremes when an idea takes hold of him. Look out. So far I have just whipped around on wee fast rides on my SS but yesterday manic enveloped me in his new found SS enthusiasm and we went big.

This climb totally spanked me on the SS and I was quivering a bit by the time I hit the top. Flamed out… My main goal was to ride everything and that I did – no hiking involved – very pleased about it. Sometimes it is hard to feel fast when my training partner is giddy and 1/2 mile ahead of me after 10 minutes but I was prepared with tunes yesterday and it was such a fab ride.

Here is the map visual. Prolly part of day 2 on Camp Lynda

So now thoughts of racing stage races, 12 hours and Kokopelli all on the SS are whirling around in the air. 2008 is gonna be some kinda fun.