New Bike!

Wesley got his cast off – an event requiring some sort of celebration after a summer with no swimming, climbing, riding etc. He was rallying around like crazy on his single-speeder before he broke his arm, so in order not to stymie his cycling development I upgraded him to a real mountain bike with 27 gears.

The 24″ wheels look huge beside him. Probably how my 29er wheels look when I’m riding. The Dr said no mountain biking for a month but he can ride on the bike path. He was super eager to race around the block and have me time him – no competitive genes in there eh! He was doing well coming down the home straight to clock a sub 10 minute lap when he was distracted by one of the neighbour kids and got off his bike to play. We will have to work on mental focus some…

My tomatoes are going OFF. If you want some don’t even ask. Just wander into my garden with a bag and pick ’em for yourself. Some of them are huge. I can only eat so many before I have level 6 internal revolts.

Read of the week: The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. Its purty darn funny so far – I’m about halfway through.

Read of last week: All Moms go to Heaven by Dean Hughes. Full of crazy mom moments and an affirmation that you don’t have to be perfect and get everything right all the time to still be a good mom. I do a lot for my kids and love them like crazy but obviously still take plenty time out to ride my bike and race. Sometimes I feel guilty for not being there only for my kids like some moms appear to be. I actually did try that for a few years. I lost my verve and became a bit stale and whiny. Minor details became more important and life became picky. My kids are nice people, fun loving, full of energy, humor and confidence. I like seeing who they are growing up to become and that is what makes me feel like I’m getting it right enough at the same time as loving life for myself.