New Toyz

My knees are on the mend :-) and whew… The SS is calling me. It’s the bike I feel best pedaling at the moment. I took it up to Gooseberry for a fab ride with a whole pile of super cool biker folks fresh off Interbike. Sadly my camera battery died on the second pic and I missed out on a whole pile of huge huckin’ shots.

The Siren team of Mary and Brendan were up and I got to see some Sirens in the real live flesh this weekend. They are beautiful bikes. My SS is a 29er Rig. They had some 29 front/26 rear Sirens called 55’s. I was intrigued by that as I have such fun on my 29er but sometimes catch myself up on the rear wheel as my frame is so small and the wheel so big. I didnt get to ride one but Brendan promised to bring a 55er SS in my size to Moab to buzz around on – oooh…

The main reason they were in town was to deliver Dave’s new Siren Song – a soft tail 55er. Serial number 001!! Lucky boy! Today was it’s first trip out for sun, views and photo taking.


Not quite so exciting – I played with a new toy today. An Ergon BD1 pack. At first sight I didn’t like it – looks overbuilt. Wearing it is another matter. I liked it immediately. Then I weighed it down with a bunch of tools, 170 oz of water and some snacks. It felt better than any pack I have ridden with. I’ve only done one short ride with it but I think I have found a new friend.