No Nitrous for me this weekend :-(

I’m tired. Really! How did that happen? Winning Rim Ride, following it up the next day with a White Rim lap, then Big Friggin’ Loop all single speed maybe? I slowed down a little the next week and had to pedal gears down to the casino in Mesquite and back. Then last weekend I absolutely finished myself off with the bikepacking adventure in Parashant National Monument. I do not have a bionic body after all.

Dave on the other hand appears to be truly Bionic and is getting faster and skinnier by the day. On Monday he repeated our Lime Kiln ride but skipped the overnight/buffet at the casino and ditched all the gears except for one. That is more than crack that is pure nitrous…

All is good, I am not hurt just tired and need a week or so sitting on the bench to get my nitrous back.

3 replies on “No Nitrous for me this weekend :-(”

  1. Your slow is my fast! Well, maybe I’m giving myself too much credit.

    Enjoy your rest – you deserve it.

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