Not a February guy

What can I say.  It’s Friday afternoon before OP and LW is down there without me.  A round of some niggly bug has me in no shape to race a 24.  Even on a team it takes a toll.

It is really stressful to think you might have to bail on a partner, ya know?  Well, we found a great replacement – Scott Morris is in fine form right now and has an itch to stretch his racing legs.  He’ll get his fair share there in his backyard.  It made the whole thing a lot less stressful knowing LW was going to end up with such a rock of a partner.

It’s bound to be an exciting race for racers and spectators, it’s sold out completely this year.  Live results will start going up here once they get rolling at noon Saturday.  Word on the street is it’s a madhouse down there, RV central, hero dirt, and nerves a dancing everywhere.

Let the show begin!

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  1. It looks like it’s working out pretty well for 2-Epic! Sorry to hear you’re sick, Dave. I had two colds crater my cyclocross season. You’ll be back.

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