Nuthin’bout bikes here

Tis nearing the end of school year and the schedule is full of kiddie activities.

Wes sang in his 2nd grade program.

Ems performed in two year end shows to a full house at the college theater – about 1,000 folks there I would guess. She just loves being on stage.

Friday was Swan Lake ballet. OMG they were cute.

and surprisingly graceful.

Little swans

Saturday was musical theater where her class dressed up as old ladies and sang a song about kids being wild and crazy. It was awesome and brought down the house.  Emma was a complete ham.

Old lady backstage

It was the first event my ex husband and his new wife came along to at the same time as me. The anticipation was quite stressful for me. We didn’t sit together but it all turned out ok and nice for Emma to have everybody there admiring her.

6 replies on “Nuthin’bout bikes here”

  1. Its good to have non-bike stuff. I’m sure there is deep quote about balance I should be putting here. Feel free to insert your own…

  2. She’s all girl and all dressed up! Talk about a happy camper. She probably brings back memories of your childhood. :-) Why don’t you dig up a few photos of you from way back when? Priceless…

  3. that Emma is a cutie!!! it’s gonna be fun watching her grow up!

    For some reason I see her resemblance to you in the pic with her arms raised and her back to the camera.

    I’m glad everything worked out “ok” in the family arena – esp for Emma’s sake. :)

  4. Adorable. Having read about Emma’s love for all things clothes, how many outfits did she have to try on before deciding on the perfect “old lady” dress? Ha!
    I hope the ex-husband encounters get easier for you over time. :)

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