On NORBA, India, geeking, and bones

With so little physical activity of late, the brain is doing overtime.  It’s kinda fun in a sick way, feels like college days.

Here’s an image of (part of) the damage.

The ER doc’s response in Grand Junction:  “consider this an advantage, with a shoulder 3 inches shorter you’ll have less frontal area and improved aerodynamics!  You’re now in an elite club.”

Dunno bout that.  My orthopedic surgeon says 3 months to heal without surgery, but has seen cases where 6-9 months down the road everything is still floating around.  NFW.  So…I’m getting an upgrade.  Surgery next Tuesday will add a Ti plate and screws to the mess and tie it all together.

The training impact is huge.  Although structurally I should be fairly mobile in a short time, it’s a false sense of security cause the bones still will take 2-3 months to knit.  I’ll prolly go old school for ’07, LSD winter miles and gradually ramp it up.  Time will tell, but right now I’m just not too willing to spread out the healing energy over HIT training and bone healing.  Priorities.  It’s a good thing I’m not in AZ this winter or I’d go NUTZ! 

Yesterday my CTL dropped below 100 for the first time in almost 2 years…

NORBA…total number of NORBA XC races I did this year: 0.  Total number of USCF races I did this year: 0.  Price paid for dual license in ’06:  don’t remember, but it was about $100?  Total amount I’m willing to pay in ’07:  0$.  You don’t always get what you pay for, but I will next year.  Plus, you can get totally screwed in NORBA events by a paranoid system without regard for it’s athletes.

I’ve been using a spreadsheet to track my training progress forever it seems.  It started with the rolling TSS days and has been upgraded to include EweTSS.  There’s a ton of info in this thing and it gets cumbersome to use all features, so I’ve been wanting to design a GUI front end for it for years.  It’s turning out to be quite the dynamic analysis tool, pics to come.  Finally, my own windows based program to track what I want to track.  CyclingPeaks is da bomb for power meter data analysis – unrivaled.  My little program is a helluva complement to it.  Look for some snapshots sometime soon…there’s a silver lining in every event.

Finally, news from Anna, my 24 hour pit boss.  She’s in India for 2.5 months taking Hindi courses and studying yoga with Mr. Iyengar.  She’s been sending some gems via email, here’s a snapshot:

“…the monkeys and piggies are keeping to themselves – although a monkey made contact with the electric wires this a.m. and caused a big thwump sound…”

“Today this little internet place has each tiny cramped space filled with the local young Tibetan monks…. dressed in dark red with closed cropped hair.
Yesterday and today, the Indian airforce has whizzed around. ??? 2 F16s doing quick circuits at acute angles….”

“The craziest analogies…. today about getting someone’s attention – something about sticking pins in a monkeys genitals….”

Tip of the day:  if in India, take it easy on the bananas lest you be mistaken for an ADD monkey.