On NORBA, part II

WTF is going on with this organization anyway?  If you’re a cyclist, this probably isn’t news, but just in case…

Read this.  Squeaky clean, the guy doesn’t even eat meat for chrissake.

Now read this.  Another squeaky clean guy, a family oriented working man. Seems to prefer yardwork over cycling.

You gotta be kiddin’ me.  Paranoia must be ruling the roost at USA Cycling.  The organization that is supposed to support the sport of bike racing in the US has created an environment where it is impossible not to fail, where reputations are slurred, where the athlete is disempowered. Whats even worse, despite how fast these gents are, they don’t derive their income from the sport, just great satisfaction pursuing their passions.

And Basso just signed with Discovery…

Drugs in sport is one issue.  How NORBA allows USADA to proceed over their events is entirely another.  The way the latter is being handled it’s clear to me that the rider’s best interest doesn’t even make the bottom of the priority list.

My NORBA boycott begins today.   

That’s easy for me to do though, so is little concession.  As a license holder I receive emails on a regular basis from the CEO, Steve Johnson.  The most recent was to inform their membership that United Airlines has dropped sponsorship for USA Cycling, which incidentally is the only thing that made the license worth anything for me last year.  Part of the membership included 4 one-way bike vouchers, a ~$200 value.  I used 2 of them going to TransRockies, so that covered the license cost. 

The only NORBA event that is even remotely interesting these days is 24 natz…although the venues tend to be not to my liking.  It’s more about the ride than the prize for me and riding in muggy then stormy midwest locales is, well, (sorry Kerkove!) unappealing.  Adrenaline’s worlds has better competition anyway…so if I need my thrashing fix off I’ll go to that event.

Is it any wonder non-USA Cycling affiliated cycling associations are thriving?  Is it any wonder the primarily association-free genre of ultra endurance racing is experience tremendous growth?

Me thinks not.


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