On the Gas

Race season is over now here in the desert until the fall. It is getting HOT here now. Too hot to race or even train hard. Rides involve this.


This little guy likes the temps

From here on out most of the races I have on my plan start at 8,000 feet above sea level and go up from there. My house is at 2.8k.

It  is IHT time. This has a huge impact on me. It makes me giggly and silly too which is kinda fun. The neighbours already know I am a bit strange.

This is what I look like breathing 11,000 feet air. My power meter is not even worth looking at.

2 replies on “On the Gas”

  1. A bit strange?

    At 11,000 feet your effective VO2 max is only, what, 93 instead of the usual 97? I feel for you… :)

  2. Mind if I use that nifty gadget sometime? ;)

    I would try putting in some illegal substances into the little air pockets and see what happens to your VO2 max.

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