On the Juice

To say ’09 has been a great season for me so far would be an understatement…it has been a ton of fun and I have managed to win everything I have entered. I almost don’t like typing that and I know a few of my friends will give me shit for it!! I have a couple of the best training partners in the world who like to keep me humble… It has been an eclectic mix of events too. So far I have done a solo single speed 24 hour, a geared cross country, a geared 50 miler and a solo single speed 12 hour.

One of the focuses in 2009 has been to step up the attention paid to nutrition. I also stepped up the attention I paid to what I fed my kids. It is really easy to feed them garbage food cause it is convenient and they like it a lot. They have balked at a few things but the big success has been the juicer.

I bought an Omega 8300 juicer – which is almost the most expensive one out there at $235 – whew!! The reason was that it was quiet. I knew the kids would not like the noisy violent type juicers.

Wow they love this juicer!!! They can put it together themselves without any help and juice away. The primo job is plunging. They bicker over that!! The barrel is clear plastic and you can see the veggies or fruit getting crushed and squished – it’s cool!!

Now they have juice for breakfast and when they come home from school they want to juice for their snack rather than dive for the cookies. So far they like the fruit a whole lot better than the veggies. I sneak in a couple of spoonfuls of glutamine in the juice mix and sit back as a happy mom watching them lap it up :-) I have a couple of really special kids.

We got our first red tomato out of the garden last week. It got chopped and plunged thru the juicer…I wanted to eat it whole but it was 2 against 1.

The juicer will puree stuff too. We are really going crazy with it now we have figured out we can make shaved ice with the puree setting. A pureed strawberry mixed with shaved ice – yum! Wes came up with the idea of making mashed potatoes with it at breakfast this morning – reckon we will be trying that for dinner tonight.

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  1. Glad to see other kids out there eating healthy and not the usual chicken tenders/fries/mac-n-cheese dinners. My daughter would probably like the juicer as well, but she does enjoy the raw fruits and vegies as well as I. 2/3 in my house on the modified Paleo diet … now if we could just get Daddy on board!

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