One of the good guys

Here is Desert Rampage race director Glen Ames.

He is one of the good guys for sure, like most race promoters are. Without them we would have nowhere to put on our show. I went out yesterday to ride a couple of laps on my SS and test out how a 32 X 21 rode – or rather if I could ride 2 laps on a 32 X 21 after smoking myself silly on one lap with a 32 X 18. I ran into Glen out raking the rubble off the course. It’s only Wednesday and he is out busting his butt, rake in hand to give us a nice buff trail to tear up on Saturday. This is his 11th year running the Desert Rampage.

The course is classic desert riding, dry, dusty and hardpacked with some big views.

I completed 2 laps this time without killing myself on the 32 X 21 – much better. It is tough to tell from these photos but it is a climby course. I’ve got a long way to go before I’ve got this SS’ing thing figured out and should get handed a lesson or two during the race on Saturday. I’m sure there will be some fast SS guys show up to school me – I’m looking forward to it. Bring it on!