Outside Online Interview

Here is an interview with me that is up on Outside Online. I love Outside Magazine so it is cool for me to be on their web version. Same interview is on Bike Rumor with six more photos. I guess Bike Rumor has more rooom on their web pages? If you haven’t checked out Bike Rumor before click on through. I like it.

The faster half of 2-Epic is racing Grand Loop right now. He didn’t take a Spot, isn’t doing phone-ins and didn’t blog much prior to his departure. “I’m just gonna go ride my bike” he said on his way out. He left with a single speed weighing about 50 lbs with gear and a head full of manic that needed unleashed.

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  1. When we saw Dave H up on Taylor Park slogging his bike through the clay-like mud. We were both in the same situation, giddy and happy to see each other. I was a bit surprised at the amount of stuff he had on that little bike. It was great to see him suffering along side Scott and I.

    I look forward to reading his report and hearing about a new record when he finishes today…

  2. Awesome interview Elle Dub!

    And GO DAVE! (of course he might very well be done by now and drinking a milkshake or eating waffles)

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