Overnight in the flowers

More fun on bikes this weekend in the million acres of the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. This time we drove the 30 miles south from St George to the border of the park and started riding from there.

We also took overnight gear.

This was my first bike-packing adventure. I’m not sure how much I like riding with all that extra weight on my bike and back. It was hard work…

The route went down Jump Canyon to start

There were more flowers in Jump Canyon than I have ever, ever, ever seen in one place in my entire life.

We had to stop every minute or so for closer looksies and pics.

The entire canyon glowed orange. It was heady and mesmerizing. I felt almost stoned riding along rubbernecking around at the flowers and views.

Flower, flowers.

Next we headed up Hidden Canyon but the turn off down to Pakoon Basin looked very attractive – what is around that corner? Must go back… Pakoon Basin – maybe there was a bazaar down there? Who made up these names?

Fields of yellow flowers.

Is this a turban? Maybe lots of these down in Pakoon Basin?

Hidden Canyon climb goes up about 3,000 rubbly feet in 8 miles.

Hidden Canyon Rim looking down towards Lake Mead and along and up to Snap Point in the hazy distance. The end destination was to be Snap Point but we fell waaaay short of there. Must go back….

Giddy pink flower love…

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  1. I need to add a few more bike packing trips to my monthly ride schedule. Luckily, I have been planning ride up in Flagstaff this weekend, some overnight exploring for the CDC.

    Looks like a fun trip! 3k of climbing in 8 miles, nice! Mileage? Did you take the new wheelset?

  2. I love the pics of the flowers, especially the last one of Dave nestled among them. Did they smell good too? I could smell all the fruit trees and other plants blooming here in Boulder on my run/ride last night. It was perfumey!

  3. Those pink flowers have a very strong perfume-ish scent to them. I don’t know what a botanist would call them but I call them Emma flowers – Lynda’s 5 year old lass has been in a strong pink phase and they remind me of her.

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