Pink Princesses and the Big Pink Cloud

I love colors. Often my outfits don’t match but are made up of crazy colors that make me smile. Pink is a smilie color.

Pink Princess #1

Pink Princess #2 – this one is a beauteeee

Stealth mode got boring so I called up Joel for a spin. He showed up with this new ride. Holy moly am I lusting after this frame. I want it baaad. Joel toys with me so. See taunting smirk in photo. It is one of those frames I have to touch and stroke.

More color came thru UPS today (brown is not a smile color)


Ergon is a sponsor this year and this is the first arrival of the green goods. It is a unique green. I haven’t found a name for it yet. Somewhere lurking between fluorescent and olive – fluorolive maybe? I think fluorolive and pink would be a fast combo!

Next stop on the crack train is 24 hours in the Old Pueblo. Fast approaching in 4 days. Our pit is looking more like a party than a race. We have an RV, bbq, mechanic, ace support folks. It’s gonna be a good time. I’m looking forward to riding thru the wee hours and into the morning on that big pink cloud I missed out at Moab.

This race has a slightly different flow for me so my pre-race quote is not from my usual scribe Csikszentmihalyi but from Gary Mack:

We don’t know what the future holds so why not act as if you’re going to have a great one. Follow your dreams not your fears.”

Come over to our pit and say hi if you are at the race.

If you catch up to a gal during the race with a braid and a big ol’ across her rear tell her she is looking dam fine. Shout hearty tho, Girls Aloud might just be pumping down her ear holes. Then give her a big bad pull down the road ;-)

See ya’ll in AZ