Power date

Lynda and I decided to do RimRide together – as in stay together during the race.  At the last minute we decided to go SS too.  32.19 for me, 34.20 for her.  How’d it go?  Well…beyond all expectations.  We didn’t expect to be in the mix – we actually weren’t planning on putting down a race effort, more of a long SS training day.

 Conditions were perfect.  The views are phenomenal on this route – something we didn’t see last year in the wet weather.  And…we stayed on course for the most part :)  For much of the day it was a threesome with Jeff, and also appearances by Aaron Potts, Plesko, Marko and a few others…Jeff had a mechanical towards the end and we left him for dead.

There was nobody else in front of us.  No gearies caught us on the potash road spin coming back.  We won RimRide together!  On a SS!! 

10:23 – only 23 min longer than my time last year and this route is longer with the new trails.  Looks like her rimride obsession paid off.

We were both running our power taps too…more data! 

Such a killer power date from all angles.

 Stay tuned for a pictorial.

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  1. The gearing felt great all day. The steeper stuff on Gold Bar/Golden Spike, well, there was some hoofin. It was perfect on blue dot and poison spider tho. Sometimes we walked cause we ran out of skills, not gears!

  2. you two are unbelievable. as usual I am in awe at just how much you two can accomplish on your bicycles. it seems like you both just keep getting stronger and stronger… and that’s a damn scary thought. get some rest… at least take the morning off tomorrow :)

  3. Glad to see you and Lynda pulled it back together after I passed you on Circle Ohhh :-) As always, you 2 are inspiring. Congrats!

  4. Great seeing you guys and awesome result! Congrats.

    Now, is it true you also rode White Rim on Sunday too? Or was that a crazy crack hallucination?


  5. Yah we rode White Rim on Sunday. We had to finish off the rims here. It was uber windy and we were satisfied with enough rims by the end. We’ll post photos later.

  6. Great job guys. It was a huge boost to have both of you at the finish when I rolled in with Tom. Friendly faces made the absurdity of the day seem relatively normal. “Hey look, I am not the only moron who tries to do these idiotic rides!” :P

    Congrats on rolling together, and still smashing the field. Whatever it is you are drinking, I want some!

  7. HEY KIDS!!! It was super lucky and awesome to see you guys friday night — and a total JOY seeing you on Saturday, both before and after your smashing ride! WELL DONE, congratulations …… and you want the pix i took, right???

    lynda — BIG deep hugs to you. congratulations, and keep that smile beaming!!!! you are an absolute insane amount of inspiration and joy….

    dave — i really dig the post-ride hair do. yes, i have pix of you too ;-) way to rock’it…… and thanks for the energy-hug friday night!

    i will send lynda the pix later today/tonight.

    take good care!!

    ps: did you guys hold hands finishing the white rim as well? ;-))))

  8. Congrats you two! I’m jealous….not only that you are riding,,,,but that you’ve got each other to ride with. That’s so awesome! Keep it up,,,and keep telling us about it! :) Hugs to you both from me and Little Tyke!

  9. Lynda, congratulations! sounds like all those desert rides paid off — congratulations to your riding partner as well. hope to see you again around St. George

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