Power Wrangling Interlude

My life seems to be coming in fits and spurts at the moment. Lots of project hopping. The power wrangling project was put on hold for a trip down to AZ for the annual Ultrafit coaches conference. I learned lots of good stuff and had my moment in the spotlight presenting on the Performance Manager Chart and how to use it in coaching.

Here are some of the Ultrafit Crew.

I came back from AZ with a TSB +20 so had to have a brief training binge to burn that off. It turned out to be a very brief binge as I went down with the flu on Tuesday – blah. Now I’m still sick – too sick to train but not too sick to get back on the power wrangling project.

Today with a flurry of zip-ties and electrical tape I put my Power-Tap on the Yeti along with the Ergomo for a series of power tests to get a feel for how the two compare.

I was having interference problems between the two units until I spread the cpu’s over five inches apart – then it was all fine. I paced the power tests with my Garmin GPS to ensure consistency. Now I have GPS, Ergomo and Power-Tap files to look at – data frenzy! Anyone want to see them? Let me know and I’ll shoot them over.

We put the Christmas tree up. So far we don’t have many presents under there but enough to attract the constant attention of little people.

Mommy is it Christmas yet? Mommy is it Christmas yet? Mommy is it Christmas yet? Mommy is it Christmas yet?