Rampage Race Report 2009

I didn’t race the Rampage. I was in full on mom/coach mode. I’m not so social in racer mode (eh Chad?;-) so it was fun to chat with everybody and get to watch the races while in mom/coach mode.

There were 35 kids in the 9 and unders class!! I think it was the largest class of the day.

Wesley got a mid pack start

and drilled his way to the front by the first half of lap one

He rode brilliantly

Here he is still in the lead on lap 2. He said he was getting tired by this time but held on for 1st place in 17:38.

Lots of potential in this pic on every step. 2nd place was a Bingham boy (what’s his name?) and only 7 years old. Wes is 9 yrs now.

Emma wanted to stage 1st, front and dead center (this was her first race ever!!) but I made her go to the very back which she wasn’t pleased about.

She had a few start line nerves

She was looking at this on the start line and couldn’t figure out how it was all gonna get out of her way so she could race.

I got to follow Emma in the race. It was fun to see it all unfold. She started out sooooo fast. I told her it was 2 laps and to slow down a little and she shouted out “no mommy, it is a race!”

and race it she did. She ended up yo-yoing with this little gal

Emma was faster on the descent and this gal was faster on the climbs. Well it finished after a descent. Emma totally drilled it, reeled her in and made the pass on the last descent rolling it in for 31st place.

So if 6 year old girls, in their first race ever are *racing* for 31st place that means everybody in any race everywhere must be racing no matter their position or category – everybody!!

My little racers. I’m so proud of them. They both have game.

Dave had a solid day despite being a little flu sick.

Pro men start (photo credit Emma)

Pro women start. Again photo credit to Emma. She took the best race shots.

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  1. Teee hee hee…racer mode is a good thing. I

    And yes, that is a headsweat under Dave’s helmet. Current fashion reports are saying: hats under helmets and beards are the new thing right now. Last year it was singlespeeds and 29ers.

  2. Congrats MTB family! Way to go! Congratulations Wes on 1st place! Emma, awesome job! That’s how I race, coming from the rear and reeling them in! Great ride Dave and INCREDIBLE coaching Lynda! :)

  3. Good job Wes and Emma. Just a few more years and you will be putting the pressure on Mom to keep up!

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